• Dingy, discolored, and stinky carpets are embarrassing, and can be a source of harmful bacteria and molds. When you have an old carpet that needs a refresh, we’re the team to turn to. We know a thing or two about getting your carpets fresh and spotless. We’re the best Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Orange County has to offer.
  • Our patented low-moisture carpet cleaning process is unique in the industry. Some of the benefits of our process include reduced waste water production, quick-drying carpets, and a greatly reduced chance for bacteria to breed in wet carpets. Once cleaned, the carpets dry in about an hour — far faster than our competitors can claim! Our method is safe and gentle on even the most expensive carpet types and the padding underneath. Traditional steam-cleaning methods can damage the fibers of carpets, and even shrink wool-blend carpets. Our low-moisture process is far superior to other methods and can be used on the most delicate carpets and rugs. Best of all, when the job is finished, the cleaned carpets look and smell fresh.