Treating your house cleaners the right way will cost you a great return in the long run. Don’t be a slave driver or a bossy person. They are like your family members. In fact, even you are paying them you are still asking for a big favor. If you treat them the right way, they will provide you with the best quality of service.

Cleaning is a no joke task, which I mentioned from my previous post.
You need to allocate at least a minimum of two hours in cleaning one bedroom, one bathroom condo. You can spend that two hours with your family or loved ones rather than scrubbing your toilet, floors, and dusting your entire home.

This profession is their bread and butter they strive to meet each client’s expectations for every cleaning. From what we know, this is the only and decent way for them to earn money to feed their family members. Meaning, it is not only they help you to clean your house you are also helping them to feed their loved ones.

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