For bathroom cleaning, we successfully used a mix of Comet and Bar Keepers Friend. We apply it to the grout and tiles and leave if for a minimum of 15 minutes.

By following this method, we got successful results:

1. Mix a tablespoon each for Comet and Bar Keepers Friend.
2. Apply it and let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes.
3. Use Scrubble Toothbrush to remove the stain from the grout and tiles.
I found this item in Amazon but they charge arm and leg. I think almost $40 a pop, but from this site, it is way cheaper – LINK 

If you have a glass door in your bathroom, Wyndex with a combination of squeegee will be enough. However, if there is an accumulated amount of stains, I also used the mix of Comet and Bar Keepers Friend.

Now, before you begin the cleaning, turn on the vent fan, wear the waterproof gloves and if possible, wear an eyeglass protector. The vent fan will help to eliminate the odor or smell of the solutions that were used. If there is no vent fan installed, open the windows until the odor is gone.

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